Callsign ON0AN
Location Antwerpen (JO21EE)
Input 145,163 MHz
Output 145,763 MHz
Shift -0,600 MHz
CTCSS 67,0 Hz
Last updated Tuesday, March 6th 2007






29-06-2010 ON7DJU new CTCSS 67.0

06-03-2007 ON7DJU CTCSS on input required !

08-10-2006 ON7WP Uit dienst voor vervanging door nieuwe repeater

29-05-2005 ON7DJU Normal operation

18-02-2005 ON7DJU Serious interference on weak signals

26-06-2004 ON7DJU Carrier operated, some interference

23-02-2004 ON7DJU Extreme high noise interference

13-08-2003 ON4BCB Spare repeater low power, RX is 145.160 Mhz

12-08-2003 ON7WP deaf receiver and off frequency

22-06-2003 ON7WP reserverepeater is doof en zit 2.5 kHz te laag in RX

10-06-2003 ON7DJU Backup repeater installed (No CTCSS, other controller)

24-05-2003 ON7DJU Out of service (being repaired)

10-04-2003 ON7DJU Antenna replaced

07-04-2003 ON7DJU Very bad RX - antenna problem

17-03-2003 ON7DJU Back to normal operation

22-02-2003 ON7DJU Weak signal

03-02-2003 ON7DJU Problems solved

31-01-2003 ON7DJU Intermittent TX problems, very bad RX

27-12-2002 ON4BCB Alles terug inorde, graag rapporten

30-11-2002 ON7BV soms zeer zwak (slecht contact ?)

26-09-2002 ON7DJU Fully functional again

24-09-2002 ON7DJU Down for repair

12-09-2002 ON7WP slecht contact aan antenne of PA

09-09-2002 ON7DJU CTCSS decoding works again... not sure if power is OK again

28-08-2002 ON7DJU Power level restored... still no CTCSS on output

28-08-2002 ON7DJU Poor signal, no CTCSS on output

09-08-2002 ON7DJU CTCSS available on output again

27-06-2002 ON7DJU No CTCSS tone on output